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Boat rental Olbia, Snorkeling Tour Olbia and Tavolara, Dolphin Watching Olbia
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Our gulf, with its narrow and deep design that makes it look like a fjord, is an area that offers a crystalline sea and a permanent colony of dolphins.

It is here that we offer you our observation of Dolphins and Snorkeling with boat in Olbia

A comfortable and safe excursion
Our excursion dinghy is a spacious BWA28 GT Sport, equipped with a large awning and sunbathing cushions, it is built for much more demanding itineraries.

Snorkeling in the Gulf of Olbia

Whether you prefer sandy bottoms or granite coves, rest assured you won’t be disappointed.
The rich marine fauna of our sea awaits you!
Antonio, a lifelong skipper, will make you appreciate the wonders of the Gulf of Olbia, finding the quietest areas for your snorkeling.

Dolphin watching in the Gulf of Olbia

Having a permanent colony of dolphins is one of the peculiarities of our marine area. However, it is important to understand that to respect these beautiful animals and make them live in peace, the interaction with them must be reduced, in order not to alter their natural, playful and social way of doing.

Why choose us?
A great experience in the waters of the gulf, the natural Sardinian friendliness and hospitality, a comfortable and spacious dinghy. These are the characterizing elements of our excursion with dolphin watching and snorkeling in a rubber dinghy in Olbia.
Look at our reviews on Google or Tripadvisor, real and made by real customers like you. We are sure that the time spent together will be one of your best memories of your holiday in Sardinia.

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