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Boat rental Olbia, Snorkeling Tour Olbia and Tavolara, Dolphin Watching Olbia
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Give yourself a magnificent Snorkeling experience in Olbia
Our gulf gives us unique views and exceptional fish fauna. Come and discover it

Olbia’s Gulf has always attracted animal life due to its extraordinary conformation. For example, there are and often visible sea turtles (scientific name Caretta caretta) and families of dolphins that are often found within the gulf area, attracted by fish farming systems.

Furthermore, the proximity of rivers to the sea (the Rio Padrongianus over the numerous canals of Olbia) have made this ecosystem rich in areas that can be visited of great interest.

Thanks to the experience of the skipper, the best places to visit will be chosen according to the wind and tide conditions. You will enjoy a special experience that you will remember for a long time.


On our snorkeling tour in Olbia you will have the opportunity to closely see a

great seabed and fish fauna


snorkeling in OlbiaA particular presence often present in the Gulf of Olbia are the Nacchere (scientific name Pinna Nobilis).
The largest bivalve present in the Mediterranean Sea reaches up to one meter in length. It is forbidden to collect it and it is not edible because it absorbs large quantities of impure elements from the sea.


Snorkeling in OlbiaAnother element that testifies to the excellent health of the sea in the Gulf of Olbia is the massive presence of Posidonia meadows (scientific name Posidonia oceanica). They are present with substantial extensions and in excellent condition.

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Boat Tour With Skipper In Olbia And Tavolara
Snorkeling Tour In Olbia And Tavolara
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