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Excursions to the pools of Molara are certainly among the most popular with customers

After all, how can we not understand it? With our dinghy  service with skipper for Tavolara and Molara, we take our customers to one of the most scenic areas of   Area Marina protetta di Tavolara

The island of Molara, with its characteristic red porphyry rock, is in fact a spectacle of nature that can only be reached by boat. Defined by Fulco Pratesi, founder of WWF Italy “among the most beautiful low-lying ecosystems in the world”, these crystalline sea beds rightly attract many visitors from all over the world who do not want to miss one of the stretches of most beautiful and evocative sea.

Ideal for lovers of boat trips, diving and snorkeling, the excursions to the pools of Molara are those moments of the holiday that are not easily forgotten.


Although the island (private property of an Olbiese family and not open to visitors) appears not to be hospitable, in reality Molara has been inhabited since ancient times thanks to sources of fresh water present in its hinterland, and houses the ruins of a small church and a small medieval village.

The island is now uninhabited by man, however several species of seabirds nest there such as the peregrine falcon, the shearwater and the seagull. There are also goats in the wild.

The area known as “Le Piscine” is located in the south-western part of the island, and is located between Punta l’Aia and Cala Spagnola.

Excursions to Molara’s pool are among the most popular and difficult to book at certain times of the year.. Contact us right now!

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