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Excursions and tours to the marine park of Tavolara and Molara are unforgettable.

Our expert skipper knows the winds, the tides and thanks to a brand new dinghy with superior safety standards he will give you the maximum of comfort to enjoy your excursion in this earthly paradise.


Called the “kingdom of Tavolara” by the family who have lived there for centuries, Tavolara is a limestone and granite mountain 560 meters high and four kilometers long. With its rugged rocks and imposing verticality it certainly does not go unnoticed. The wonderful chromatic shades of juniper green, rosemary and mastic blend with the blue and the deepest blue of the waters that surround it

The island of Molara, with its characteristic red porphyry rock, is known for its swimming pools that can only be reached by boat. Defined by the founder of WWF Italy Fulco Pratesi as “among the most beautiful low-lying ecosystems in the world”, these crystalline waters attract many tourists from all over the world.

Excursions and trips to the marine park of Tavolara and Molara are among the favorites of tourists.

Reasons are manifold
– the extraordinary transparency of the water in which it is possible to see all the fish fauna of the area
– the chromatic contrast with the coasts of the islands of Tavolara, dark green and light limestone, and that of Molara with pink porphyry rocks and a typical Mediterranean scrub
– the tranquility that is given by the expert skipper.

Let yourself be taken to the area of greatest naturalistic value of the Area Marina protetta di Tavolara..

The latter extends for 76 kilometers in the coasts of Olbia, Loiri Porto San Paolo and San Teodoro. In its 15 thousand hectares of marine space there are inlets and coves, from Capo Ceraso to Punta s’Isuledda.

Excursions and tours to the marine park of Tavolara and Molara are among the most requested in high season, and can be certain times of the year that are difficult to book.. Contact us now!

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