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The sea area we will now talk about is one of the best known from a landscape point of view in all of Northern Sardinia. A rubber boat trip to Golfo Aranci is therefore an opportunity not to be missed for many reasons
– beaches and landscapes of rare beauty
– the opportunity to snorkel in wonderful depths
– the opportunity to see a permanent colony of dolphins living in this gulf

Our tour starts from Capo Ceraso, then touches Cala Moresca, the Natural Area of Capo Figari and Figarolo

Capo Ceraso
On the one hand, this area is the northern limit of the Tavolara Marine Protected Area and at the same time marks the beginning of the gulf area that extends from Olbia to Golfo Aranci
The coast is untouched by human presence for long stretches, and is indeed rich in the main varieties of plants typical of the Mediterranean scrub: mastic, cistus, strawberry tree, juniper, holm oak, cork oak and olive. They grow luxuriantly among the granite which here takes on pink-like colors.
Some coves in this area are protected from the main winds all year round, and it will be possible to snorkel in the seabed of the area, mainly sandy and rich in local fish fauna.
Our boat trip to Golfo Aranci now goes north. We enter the gulf and skirting the town we approach the Site of Community Importance of Capo Figari and Figarolo.
This area is like an open-air naturalistic museum.
Perhaps not everyone knows that a small marine forest of Posidonia was literally reborn on the seabed of Golfo Aranci, with 2,500 aquatic plants planted to restore 100 square meters of green seabed.
The project, which saw the Municipality, the Sardinia Region and the Coast Guard as promoters, is aimed at safeguarding biodiversity. But the attention to the environment is well justified here!

Cala Moresca, an unmissable stop on our boat trip to Golfo Aranci
Our excursion touches this splendid cove which is covered by a fine and compact white sand beach. But it is undoubtedly the color of the sea, which takes on the shades of emerald green, and a sandy and shallow seabed, which make this cove unforgettable. The natural environment surrounding this beach is then practically untouched. Finally, looking towards the sea, the horizon is broken by the suggestive islet of figarolo, which we will touch on later in our excursion.

Once you arrive in Cala Greca you will be surprised by an unexpected spectacle just before reaching the beautiful beach of Cala del Sonno. In fact, there is a rock overlooking the sea on which nature has drawn a symbol of our land.
The rock of the Mamuthone is located exactly in front of the mooring, which depict the famous Mamoiadina mask at the point where diving is usually done. It is not unlikely that in your snorkeling you will be able to see in the crystal clear waters below you the amberjacks or tuna that often pass in the area.


Another stop on our rubber dinghy in Golfo Aranci: the Island of Figarolo
With its characteristic shape that can resemble a pyramid, this small but at the same time imposing island (about 140m high but almost always overlooking the sea) is located at Cala Moresca. Named for the presence of fig trees, it is inhabited by a large colony of mouflons, which hide in its dense vegetation. The seabed in front of her is of exceptional transparency, loved by snorkelers and divers.

But the observation of dolphins cannot be missed on our rubber dinghy in Golfo Aranci.

In fact, this Gulf is one of the few in the Mediterranean to be able to boast a resident of dolphins.
To respect these beautiful animals and make them live in peace, we voluntarily limit the interaction with them, so as not to alter their natural rhythm of life and their sociability.

Why choose us for a boat trip to Golfo Aranci?
– For the great experience of our skipper
– For the quality of our service, operated with a comfortable and spacious dinghy
– For our attention to the environment
If you need external feedback, we invite you to read our reviews on Google or Tripadvisor.

We are waiting for you on board!

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