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Boat rental Olbia, Snorkeling Tour Olbia and Tavolara, Dolphin Watching Olbia
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Discover our Half day boat tour Tavolara and Molara, a different way to discover oue archipelago.

Mini cruise boat tour in Tavolara and MolaraTavolara island with its singular conformation is proposed on the scene of classical mythology to represent the Feaci ship petrified by Poseidon, with its rudder facing the open sea, guilty of having brought Ulysses back home.
The island looks like a majestic limestone massif overlooking the sea, roughly rectangular in shape, about 6 km long and 1 km wide; rests on a granite rocky substrate that clearly emerges in some parts; reaches a maximum altitude of 565 meters s.l.m. and at the ends it has two more easily accessible heads. The cape on the west side of the island (Spalmatore di Terra) is facing Loiri Porto San Paolo and welcomes the scarce civil settlements on the island and the most beautiful beaches.

Tavolara island, with an elongated and almost flat shape, is the fulcrum, as well as a characteristic symbol of an unforgettable spectacle: the marine protected area of ​​Tavolara-Punta Coda Cavallo, which extends for 76 kilometers on the coast of Loiri Porto San Paolo, Olbia and San Teodoro and for 15 thousand hectares on crystalline waters, inlets and coves, from Capo Ceraso to Punta s’Isuledda.
Half day boat tour Tavolara and Molara also include the red porphyry islands of Molara and Molarotto, the picturesque islet of Proratora, the ‘twin’ Isola Piana and Isola dei Cavalli and still the tiny islands of Porri, Topi, Drago and the Rosso islet, finally Capo Coda Cavallo, a strip of granite land that extends into a sheltered stretch of sea. They are all ideal places for lovers of boat trips, diving and snorkeling.

With our half day boat tour Tavolara and Molara you can easily reach Tavolara – Molara (natural pools) – Doctor’s Beach – Relitto Chrisso – Cala Girgolu (flat stones).
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