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Boat rental Olbia, Snorkeling Tour Olbia and Tavolara, Dolphin Watching Olbia
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Don’t miss this unforgettable experience and, accompanied by an experienced and prudent skipper, enjoy a tour with dolphin watching tour in Olbia and Golfo Aranci.

Dolphin watching tour in Olbia and Golfo AranciTry the thrill of a direct encounter with animals. In fact, the sea area of ​​the Gulf of Olbia is often preferred to female and baby bottlenose dolphins. This area could be considered a “nursery” for small dolphins, an area that needs special protection to ensure a future for these magnificent marine mammals “. Recently, a dolphin has been sighted leaping out of the water near Poltu Quadu, one of the most beautiful mirrors of water in the gulf and very close to our usual starting area.

Dolphin watching tour in Olbia and Golfo AranciIn the Mediterranean Sea since ancient times dolphins have been credited with an intelligence superior to that normally attributed to fish and other mammals, which has created an early and persistent idea of ​​their sociability and has them places at the center of cults, myths and representations. In fact it is now known that dolphins, like other cetaceans, have a complex communication system like a real language, based not only on the ability to produce significant ultrasounds within the group, but also on patterns of movement used as communication signs.

Our dolphin watching tour in Olbia and Golfo Aranci is a sustainable activity, a genuine example of ecotourism offer.

Take the opportunity to see live dolphins in their habitat! Book a Dolphin watching tour in Olbia and Golfo Aranci. Contact us now!

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